Anonymous: how did you lug all your goods over from asia to montreal? can you recommend a shipping company with low fees

hey hey im kinda wondering the same thing myself! 

usually i was always there somewhat short-term so i managed with 1 huge suitcase and a million sneaky carry-ons. but im preparing for a BIG MOVE and im just counting on adding another suitcase for 100$ with my airline. 

a lot of ppl say there are companies you can send boxes with that arrive 3 months later by boat. not sure which companies - but if i find out ill let you know !

Anonymous: youre so full of shit. i hate you. you use other people just to advance your career. youre impersonal and insensitive. no matter how much success you attain i will always remember you as a shitty person and human being.

lololololol whoever wrote this clearly doesnt know me 

Anonymous: Sky Ferreira Is Awesome And You're A Piece Of Shit ~From One Of Your Twitter Followers


unreadlove: Hey Hun your blog is perf *_* very nice! xx

thanks gurl ~~~~

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